Need to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation?

Before writing an abstract for your theses, you should probably ask yourself, what is an abstract in a dissertation text? Besides being ready to help you with it, we decided to provide an explanation for all those who have problems with understanding the purpose of a dissertation abstract.

In essence, an abstract is a miniature version of your paper. It represents its most important parts and usually has a strict word limit. Placed right after the title page, it gives your reader a quick yet rather detailed idea of the work you have done and the results you have obtained.

Every abstract should contain the following major parts:

1. Scientific background and significance of the research
2. Research strategy and its components
3. Findings
4. Conclusions made

As you can see, the abstract does not include smaller versions of all dissertation chapters. For instance, it does not suggest directions for future research, as it is not crucial for understanding your work.

The amount of words allocated to each part depends on its relative importance. Let us take a closer look at what each of them should elaborate on.

Research background and significance

As an abstract is usually written after all other chapters, you should already know how exactly your research is significant for science. More specifically, you should answer the following questions:

  • Why did you do your research?
  • What was its purpose?
  • Why is it important for anybody besides you?

Research strategy

This part should, in essence, answer the question how you carried out your research. More specifically, you should describe the following components:

  • Research design and its type
  • Research methods you have utilized
  • Analytical techniques you have used to interpret the results

Findings and Conclusions

Quite expectedly, these two parts should explain what you have found out in the course of the research and its importance.

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Even though it might not seem so at a glance, writing an abstract is extremely difficult. To write one, you should carefully evaluate the importance of each component, decide on their word counts and write a short piece that will fully represent your work yet not go in too much detail. The balance should be struck between dry and thorough account of your research and a vivid, detective-story-like description of your work. This is exactly what our writers do on a regular basis.
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