Dissertation Planning How-to – Quick and Painless

Dissertation planning is the very first step in delivering a solid academia paper designed to earn you a Master’s or Doctoral degree. Are you up for the challenge? Then roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

While some students usually find themselves confused and baffled as for where to start and what to dedicated time to, you’re better than that. First and foremost, you have to decide on a topic. Was it given by default or were you to pock it individually? Despite the answer, a diligent student always starts with gathering reference sources and then studying them to pick out info and quotes to be used in future.

When planning a dissertation and elaborating on a topic, you should also turn it every way in mind which methodology you’re going to use. Which methods will suit you most – quantitative, qualitative or both? It is now, the very planning stage, when you needs to decide on your future methodology.

Planning a dissertation first and foremost rule

Just as you think of a sound topic and gather all the agile reference sources, care to download a dissertation plan template at our site. It will give you a physical example of how a good plan is designed and structured. With such vivid example in front of your eyes, you could do a much better job three times faster.

In addition, should you need any complex reference paper to consult and use as inspiration, your site also offers such papers. Given they’re free of charge, get any and as many as you need and use for reference needs whenever you need.

Time-management tip you’ll find most useful

Planning dissertation activities is all about managing your time right. Careless graduates might put their degree paper in a cold storage thinking that half a year is the time more than enough to tackle the thesis paper right. But such assumption is wrong!

  • Always start off the writing process well in advance
  • Chop down the workload in chunks and exercise writing every day in small doses, an hour a day of writing is more than enough
  • Outline is one of the first chapters you have to come up with, it’s also helpful when analyzing the workload
  • Thesis statement and methodology are one of the chapters needed for a dissertation proposal to pay off with a supervisor signing up for your team
  • Choose the best time of day when your working activity is highest, devote it to your dissertation

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