Why Write Dissertation Research Questions?

Once you have chosen paper topic, you feel passionate about you need to think over dissertation questions. It may seem a waste of time but, in fact, this is a crucial step that defines success of the dissertation writing process.

Actually, any dissertation is based on a particular research question that should be answered. Put in other words, it is like a waymark that shows the right direction for your scientific investigation. The more accurate, topic relevant and researchable your question is the more chances you have to complete your paper successfully. Once you create a set of good research questions dissertation writing process will run like clockwork.

However, defining and developing the right questions for your Ph.D. project often turns to be the most challenging step. While some students find it difficult to structure research questions or choose the most appropriate question type, others may not even understand the purpose of developing dissertation question.

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What are most common dissertation question examples?

Coming up with a good research question isn’t easy. You will have to consider lots of aspects that serve to create supportive questions for your dissertation. One of such important elements is the type of research questions.

Based on what kind of research design you have chosen for your dissertation, there are following question types:

  • Quantitative, that comprise descriptive and comparative questions
  • Qualitative research questions
  • Mixed questions

If you’ve settled on the first type, you will have to use either comparison, description or relation-based approach. Suppose you want to explore UK students working part-time. Relevant research questions for your topic may be: What are main reasons that make UK students get a part-time job alongside their studies? How often do students decide to take on paid job at college?
But if you need to formulate qualitative dissertation questions examples, you should focus on reasons, consequences and participants involved in some process rather than how often something happens. Consequently, mixed research questions will combine both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

That seems to be clear. However, there is one more type of questions that make students confused.

Formulating dissertation interview questions

The interview may be a rich source of unique data unless you fail to formulate interview questions in a correct way. Although there is no fixed rule in interview questions construction, there are some winning approaches you may adopt for your investigation:

  • Use specific questions in discussion with no clear agenda;
  • Choose supplementary interview questions to compare many viewpoints;
  • Strict to the highly-structured interview questions if you aim to obtain specific information

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