Decent Dissertation Topics in Finance

Taking a Ph.D. course in finance? Consider yourself lucky – you are about to graduate with one among most winning professions of all times. Since the dawn of age, humans maintained financial relations. Therefore, the needs for expert finance management is considered the oldest in the entire world.

You have most likely selected finance as your core research subjects because you are inclined to observation in the finance branch and own a capacity for analysing how it ticks. With such mindset, you should already keep the some brilliant finance dissertation ideas in your head. But if you struggle to choose the best one or cannot conceive a single idea about your write-up, you definitely require advice.

Finance dissertation advice from top field researchers

Golden rule of good Ph.D. finance topic – you are required to be genuinely interested in what you are going to write about. Writing a finance-related dissertation takes a huge bite of your life, meaning you need to like the topic not to feel like you waste precious time. Doing research in a study aspect that you cannot relate to might end up in losing scores owing to its inefficiency.

Secondly, it is imperative to ask for a word of advice from your supervisor. As a matter of fact, you can brainstorm ideas for your dissertation together to choose the aptest one for you. As a person who has been a researcher in the finance field for a quite a while, he or she is sure to throw you some valid tips.

Third, and the ultimately important issue is, whether to choose the topic that’s under-discussed. Finance dissertation topics that have plenty of data are pretty hard to find. On the assumption that you’d want to dive further into the seas of finance research – choose a less investigated topic. In case you decide to go with the letter, make sure you are capable of coping with such a huge undertaking. Choosing a topic that wasn’t yet widely discussed in academic circles works only for accomplished brilliant researchers.

What are most scholar-appreciated accounting and finance dissertation topics?

Apart from a handful of university requirements in regards to style and format, you research topic has to correspond to numerous academic standards. To put it simple, a research you did should be a meaningful donation to science because that is what Ph.D. degree stands for.

The number of students advice to choose a wide field and narrow down to one of its multiple aspects. Wish to write about International Finance? You can pull it off only if you narrow down to one of it’s aspects like:

  • A quantitative study of profitability of SME in Europe
  • Foreign exchange rate of USA and Canada in agricultural industry
  • Risks and effectiveness of management in Swiss Banking
  • Effects of exchange rates on a corporation value in Korean A-shares market

One of the recent topics in finance and accounting is finance illiteracy of investors. In view of the fact that investment section is not getting less complicated, there is a strong request from a society to do research in this matter.

Use your best judgment, but the more laser-focused your topic is, the better you can cover it. This means you have more chance to get the top grade.

One more topic-defining strategy may be clearly seeing its objectives. Be prepared for the fact that you are expected to develop an effective research methodology and write a proposal. This is how Ph.D. is not alike the rest of research papers. On a large scale, your dissertation topic creates the path to success of the whole research.