Simple and Human Geography Dissertation Ideas and Tips

Deadlines for students always are very hard moments for students. It is hard to deal with dissertation, especially with geography dissertation, for the first time. It should be just perfect to get the best grade. You should not be afraid to start typing, just go through it. Your task is very hard, actually, and you should be very serious about it. Your entire career depends on your dissertation level and quality. So, the better your dissertation will be, the better result you can expect. Here you have few tips that will make your geography dissertations writing process easier.

What is geography dissertation style

It is a must for each student of degrees in Geography to write a dissertation. Human geography dissertation ideas are based on special kind of research that should be done independently by every student individually. Each student will have his own instructions and requirements. Besides that, there are some options for students that are achieving degrees, for example, in the Humanities can choose their dissertation type and geography dissertation is among them. No matter what kind of dissertation and title they have chosen, each candidate should inform his own tutor about his decision.

Tips for geography dissertations and others

  • Don’t save up your killer argument until the end. You should give it to your reader right from the start. Put it in your first paragraph. You should think for your reader. Try to get him interested right from the start with your geography dissertation titles.
  • Your dissertation is like a movie, but not documentary one. Your teaser should be at the beginning to catch your reader’s attention.
  • Talking of an argument. Your argument should be coherent and strong enough. Your argument is the tool to hold your whole essay together.
  • If your main argument is strong, you will have an opportunity to go off and try different directions. It is like the main melody of a hit song. There are lots of parts and moods in one song, but the riff is a main connecting thing.
  • Forget about honoring some popular and great authors. You should be yourself and be as truthful as you can. So, if you don’t like any author, you can tell about it freely. You just don’t have to be polite and say good things about any writer you are dealing with.
  • They are already dead, so they cannot affect your life. Just say what you want to say and don’t walk around. You should get to the main point and walk your way. The main point of your paper is to be truthful and clear.
  • Be brutal. Don’t be afraid to do the misrepresentation. You are going to do it anyway. You will tell about the unfairness, the injustice, and the imperfection. There is nothing new. Try to be prejudiced and selective if it is possible.
  • Writing style. Don’t try to copy the author you are writing about. You can be Ernest Hemingway while writing about Wells, and visa verse. But don’t try to copy Wells’ writing style while writing about him. He is better than you, obviously, so do not show this so clear.
  • Jokes are OK. Often people say that jokes are forbidden, but it is OK. But, you should know the limit. Try to use them occasionally. And do not try to look like Wikipedia, it is the bad writing style.