Don’t quite know how to write a dissertation proposal?

Do not worry! Many students do not really know how to write a proposal for a dissertation, yet they manage it somehow. Here, we would like to explain what a dissertation proposal is and which mandatory parts it includes.

A dissertation (research) proposal is a document that precedes your dissertation (if you are lucky, that is). It should persuade a dissertation committee that there is room and need for research and that you are qualified enough to conduct this research.

Any dissertation proposal should include the following parts

  • Title (Can be modified at a later stage, but should generally represent your research goal)
  • Introduction (Outline the key problem and explain why it is worth investigating)
  • Goals and objectives (What are you trying to achieve through your research?)
  • Methodology (How exactly are you going to conduct your research?)
  • Literature review (Optional)
  • Scope and limits (What will your research include and where will it end?)
  • Resources (Enumerate the resources required to conduct your research)
  • Outline (Outline the proposed chapters and sections)
  • Schedule (Provide an approximate timetable for your research)
  • References (List which sources you have used)

There is no single answer to the question how to write dissertation proposal, just as there is no standard dissertation format. Most colleges and universities provide a detailed style guide, so make sure to get and consult it before you start working on your proposal.

Note that to write a proposal, you first have to research the topic, see what has been already found out and what areas remain obscure. Basically, the most of the reading should be done before writing a proposal, not after it.

Writing dissertation proposal should be fun!

We believe that a key to writing a good dissertation and the answer to the question how to write a proposal for dissertation is – to do it while having fun. You started it for some reason, and we sincerely hope that it is because you enjoy the process of research and analysis, and want to make a significant contribution to science.

No, it does not mean you should take your laptop to parties and read while others are drinking. What is means is that the process should be enjoyable for you. And we can easily make it so.

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